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Philosophy - Our treatment philosophy, at Lifelong Active Body Inc. is to create a balance of soft tissue tension and activity specific conditioning and rehabilitation programs, to achieve a state of healthy bodily function and enhanced athletic performance.


Goal - Our goal at Lifelong Active Body Inc. is to work with you to achieve optimal health through the biomechanical therapy combined with the best home care tools  on the market. 


Massage Therapy - As a Massage therapist my treatment philosophy is “ Release, Re-align, Re-educate, Re-build”, creating a balance of soft tissue tension and activity- specific conditioning and rehabilitation programs, to achieve a state of healthy bodily function and enhanced biomechanics.  

My goal is to work together with you to achieve positive, sustainable changes, by addressing the primary issues and not just the symptoms.  I look at each case from a full body, multi system perspective.  This requires a team approach; Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Athletic Therapists working in concert to best address the causes of pain.   Treatments begin with a thorough biomechanical and functional movement assessment, followed by further assessment to determine how each application of treatment is affecting the body.  Checking and re-checking the alignment and movement allows me to increase my focus on the cause of the pain or imbalance.  The goal is to find and treat the cause of the pain, not just the manifestations.


A key factor in my service’s success is that I work with the client fully clothed.  This offers optimal privacy and enables the client to participate in the treatment more than you might in another massage setting.  The four phases I apply in each treatment session are; release the short tight tissue, realign the body to proper alignment, re-educate inhibited muscles and re-build stability and proper movement patterns.  Each piece builds on the previous one and all are required for a complete treatment.  I will identify biomechanical weakness and will educate the client how misusing their body in simple physical activities can lead to ongoing biomechanical and muscle imbalances.  I commence with simple exercises and self-treatment techniques to keep clients progressing.   I am a strong advocate of open communication with each caregiver; reports and continual feedback will be given with the consent of the client.


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