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Professional Hockey Player

Alingsas HK Sweeden

I’ve been using Dr. Chris’s muscle care roll on for over 6 years. I have had a few serious injuries with my hip as well as with my shoulders. Applying muscle care throughout rehab severely sped up the recovery process, allowing me to get back on the ice quicker, and perform at my peak level. I also constantly use it to prevent any injuries or ailments. When I feel a muscle strain and tightness after a game or practice, frequently applying the roll on helps to heal these ailments before they escalate into something more serious. I introduced muscle care to many of my teammates and they were blown away by its effectiveness and quick pain relief. I also started using the Active Body Ball and it quickly became an irreplaceable part of my routine. The Active Body Ball is very effective for releasing tense muscles and getting into hard to reach areas. When I started using it my muscle recovery dramatically increased and I’ve never felt better.

Shelley Johnston

Professional Ski Coach


Michael's Active Body Ball Review

Well, I have to say that my foam roller used to be my best friend and that I thought the Active Body Ball was just an expensive dog toy.  But last month I purchased the Active Body Ball (prior to the 50% promotion, ahem) and my poor roller isn’t quite getting the same amount of use.  I’ve replaced just about everything I worked on with the roller with the Active Body Ball and find it does a much, much better job on my quads, hamstrings, calves, hip-flexors, IT bands, not to mention my upper back (scaps and traps).  And being able to roll it around under my feet?  That’s for sure worth the other 50%!


Jeff MacInnis

Professional Athlete, Explorer,

Speaker, Photographer

Katie Hamilton

Yoga Instructor and Fintess Professional

Gord is a brilliant body worker.  He treats the root cause and not the symptoms. His knowledge of the body, biomechanics and how the muscles and fascia all interrelated is really impressive.  It is because of his knowledge and experience that he was able to get to the root cause of my pain. I have been to many therapists over the years for help with my hamstring and sholder injuries and until I met Gord nothing helped to relieve the pain. His manual therapy combined with his athletic training recommendations has been a life saver for me and is helping me to heal my chronic pain.  My work is very physical as I teach fitness and yoga and it is important for me to have a healthy, strong and pain free body. 

One thing he gave me to do as homework was to roll on The Lifelong Avtive Body Massage Ball.  I have been using the Blue Balls regularly since Gord introduced me to them.  They give me daily relief and now I can’t live without them. I have introduced many people to Blue Balls, including my clients, and everyone finds them really helpful in releasing tension and pain.  

 Thanks Gord for all of your support and care.

Jeff MacInnis

First use of The LAB Blue Ball

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