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 Biomechanical Massage Therapy

Gord is a registered Massage Therapist, Biomechanical Therapist, TPI (Titlest Performance Institute) and FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Certified. He has training in myofascial, biomechanics, strength & conditioning, muscle re-patterning & re-education, visceral and cranial sacral therapies.   He has gained extensive experience supporting diverse clients by working in leading physiotherapy and biomechanics clinics for the last 9 years both in Markham and Collingwood.


Treatments begin with a thorough biomechanical and functional movement assessment, followed by further assessment to determine how each application of treatment is affecting the body.  Checking and re-checking the body and movement allows him to increase his focus on the cause of the pain or imbalance. The goal is to find and treat the cause of the pain, not just the manifestations.  Each client is sent home with detailed home care that is supported by the best home care tools that Gord can find.


Gord’s goal is to work together with the clients to achieve positive, sustainable changes, by addressing the primary issues and not just the symptoms. He looks at each case from a full body, multi system perspective.

 Both the therapist and the client are accountable to eachother for the recovery, in a coach / athlete roll.  


Session Cost:

          30min: $50

          45min: $75

          60min: $90

          90min: $140

 Biomechanical Bike Fit

A properly fitting bike is key to a lifelong active body. Improper setup on your bike may lead to overuse injuries, poor performance and discomfort, resulting in less enjoyment of your bike.


Here at The LAB, we perform a detailed biomechanical analysis of the rider on and off the bike to properly fit riders to their bicycles.  By assessing the riders biomechinical patterns, muscle imbalance, and joint restrictions, we are able to create the optimal rider interface with the bike, resulting in maximal performance, efficency and comfort.


The result is a comprehensive bicycle-fitting experience that will decrease the likelihood of injury, and increase performance and comfort.  The LAB’s Biomechanical Bike Fitting system works with all types of cyclists. Contact us for further information.


Session Cost:

          Basic (minimum 1hr): $150

          Performance (mimimum 1.5hr): $250

          Follow up session (within the same cycling season the performance fit was performed): Free

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