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Announcing The NEW:

Active Body Ball with Logo - email.jpg

The Active Body Ball is still the same durable and versatile massage ball, but we have made it 50% softer to improve the feel when working on more tender areas.

The size is specifically designed to get into the small areas while being just large enough for the larger areas as well.

The texture allows the Active Body Ball to feel even softer around your joints or on bony areas and still firm enough for your most vigorous treatments.

The Active Body Balls are:

  • The only massage balls that you can both heat and freeze wile keeping the same soft supple feel.

  • Have a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the purchaser of the ball.

  • Are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

  • Are UV and ozone resistant and are not affected by changes in temperature.

  • Are 100% Non-Latex!

Click here to get The new Active Body Ball!  

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